The secret to a master piece lies in the preparation of the canvas. At Rude Cosmetics EU we have the products to make that canvas so perfect you will SLAY any look.

For foundation we have you covered; our Double Trouble Foundation is a multi-tasking makeup hero; a foundation and concealer in 1, making it even easier to apply a flawless application; now you don't have to waste your time making sure your concealer and foundation match.

Add some colour back into your makeup routine and get that dewy skin you've always wanted. No more 'cake' face, dark spots, or uneven skin tone! By combining the concealer and foundation, you can achieve a flawless finish without adding too many layers. If you're looking to liven up your face, try our contour and blush palettes, pairing them with a highlighter to give yourself a glowing skin finish. We created our contour and blush palettes to fit any skin tone.

Add a fresh radiant glow with all of our face products.


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Foundation and Concealer in a single bottle for double the trouble. Accomplish impeccable looks with very little effort, a single pump will go a long way. Moisture-rich and very easy to manage. Dive in to an amazing coverage! No more dark spots, redness or uneven skin tone. 

Net Wt. 1.014 fl oz / 30 ml